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We would love to support your Japanese.


We are a group of bilingual professional teachers (more than 10),
and teach any level of students and all types of lessons such as conversational, JLPT preparation or business.
We always discuss with you how to conduct the lessons, and try to figure out the mystery of Japanese.
All of us encourage each other.


Without speaking, your Japanese will not improve. The only way to improve is by repetition

of speaking and studying. Lessons with a teacher would fulfill both of these speaking and

studying requirements to improve your Japanese.

We are flexible. Please let us know of any particular requests you may have.

Contact us now and book a trial lesson!
Contact us now and book a trial lesson!

Minako Okamoto

Born in Kanagawa. She lives in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. She started teaching in 2000 at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. She has been a free-lance teacher since 2002.She likes reading, cooking and visiting gallery.

Fumino Hikino

Born in Tokyo. She lives in Suginami-ku, Tokyo. She taught Japanese to children in the U.S. for nine months, and then started teaching in Japan in 2005.
She likes reading. Her favorite author is Kazuo Ishiguro.

Other teachers

More than 10 teachers are based in Tokyo. We have one teacher each based in New Jersey (USA) and Amsterdam. They have taught at Japanese language schools or intensive language courses for working professional.

Time & Days

Monday-Friday: from 8:00 am till about 8:00 pm

Weekend: from 8:00am till about 4:00 pm (only some tutors)


Student’s house, student’s office or café in central Tokyo (23 wards) and Kanagawa (Kawasaki station, Musashikosugi station and Yokohama station)











Lesson style


Do you think you could enjoy your life in Japan more if you commanded Japanese? We are quite sure that with your improved Japanese you can enrich your life in Japan which in turn will encourage you to even further improve your Japanese with us.


Learn Japanese ⇒ Speak Japanese ⇒ Enjoy yourself ⇒ Learn more


We believe that a student’s motivation is the most important for learning. In order to keep

his/her motivation high as it is, we therefore will customize the most effective Japanese

lessons for each student.



Lesson style

1) One to one lesson

2) Group lesson (available if the students have the same level of Japanese.)

3) A contract with corporation

4) Visitor lessons (short-term course available while the student is in Tokyo)

We’re starting a new course for visitors. It consists of five lessons.

If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll learn Japanese expressions for buying food, giving directions in a taxi, getting around town and so on.

Learning Japanese in Tokyo could really help you explore Japan. Skype lessons are also available before your arrival.



Types of students & their purpose

Working professional

• To communicate with colleagues

• For your career


Expatriate’s family

• To get around in Japan (for example, shopping or going to school)


Student at a language school

• To get more chances to speak Japanese

• To study at your own pace


Spouse of a Japanese person

• To communicate with family


Student at a university in Tokyo

• To help with university coursework

• To prepare for job hunting


Japan lover

• To understand Japanese culture (such as literature, sake, cuisine)


Contact us now and book a trial lesson!
Contact us now and book a trial lesson!


We are flexible. Please let us know of any particular requests which you may have. We are happy to discuss this with you.


Fees & payment conditions


Fees (one to one lesson)

・1 hour:  4,000 yen

・1.5 hours:  4,500 yen

plus transportation fee


*No transportation fee for Skype Japanese lesson.

Ask us about fees for a small group lesson and intensive course.

Details are negotiable.



Please pay us one month’s worth of lessons, a month ahead of time. Once you make a

payment, it is not refundable.

Both individual and company, please choose either direct payment or bank transfer.

We will be happy to issue either an invoice or a receipt upon requests.



A student may cancel its lesson at least one day before the lesson.

When you need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, please let us know by 18:00 on the day before the lesson.

If you cancel a lesson after 18:00, it will be still charged.

If we cancel a lesson, we will discuss an alternative time convenient to the student.


Contact us now and book a trial lesson!
Contact us now and book a trial lesson!

Skype lesson


Skype Japanese lesson

If you live far from us, for example Chiba, Kansai, Hokkaido and even overseas, learn

Japanese with us through Skype.

You can learn how to speak, write, and read just as you study face to face with a

teacher. Enjoyable conversation doesn’t make you worry about a distance.

A student and a teacher will use the same textbook.

We also give a clear explanation by chat system of Skype. You will therefore understand

Japanese visually.




1) Bank transfer: Please make payment to our bank account.

2) PayPal: Please make payment to our PayPal account. You can make payment in JPY

wherever you live.



Types of skype students and their purpose

Resident outside of Japan

• To practice especially speaking

• To know more about Japan


Busy business person

• To have lessons regularly wherever you are


Resident outside of Tokyo

• To learn Japanese in an easy and fast way


Future visitor planning a trip to Japan

• To learn useful phrases to get around




Contact us now and book a trial lesson!
Contact us now and book a trial lesson!




When you have a chance to visit Tokyo, let’s meet and talk. We are looking forward to it !!







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#1 Thank you


Contact us now and book a trial lesson!
Contact us now and book a trial lesson!